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"Dedication to a cause greater than oneself can inspire people and organizations to perform to their highest potential. The D'Artagnan Way illustrates how simple but powerful time-tested principles such as teamwork and "doing the right thing" can result in superior performance. Too often in our modern and rapidly changing world we forget to emphasize doing the right thing over winning, when doing the right thing is about winning. Harvey Meier and Larry Bauman have written a story that will make you ponder how your organization could perform if your employees all were modern-day Musketeers."

-Jim McMullen
Tillamook Cheese

"The Golden Rules of Management! If all managers led their teams this way and their company encouraged this behavior, employee commitment would soar, unwanted turnover would decrease and the organization would appear on all of the 'best places to work' lists."

-Jack R. Snader
CEO, Systema Corporation
Specialists in Sales Organization
Performance Improvement

"Successful leaders know how to bring out the best in people, causing them to fully engage, giving their most powerful gifts...naturally! The D'Artagnan Way is a fun, creative, powerful, memorable story that teaches some of the most basic but most important lessons of leadership. If you are in a leadership position, this is a must read...once you read this book, you will want all of your direct reports to read it!"

-Jim Horan
The One Page Business Plan Company

"Absolutely Inspiring! Through an engrossing modern-day fable, Harvey Meier and Larry Bauman offer a framework in which real-life problems are encountered and overcome through an intrinsic belief in one's core values. Based on seven vital principles, they clearly state what anyone who wants to motivate others needs to know in order to create a cohesive unit and achieve a common goal. A must read for everyone who runs a business!"

-Richard F. Lazur
Psy.D., Leader in Developing Human Relations

"A great story, a powerful message, and a must read for anyone in business."

-Jim Meisenheimer
CEO, JM Associates
Creator of No-Brainer Selling Skills

"The D'Artagnan Way is a great parable that focuses on your most important resource - your people. In a few pages the story gives you important principles to leverage your company's personnel assets."

-Grant Lundberg
CEO, Lundberg Family Farms

"The D'Artagnan Way provides a very strong visual of how people from various cultures, opposite mindsets, and different interests can work together as a team when everyone agrees with a common goal or objective."

-Fred Rodgers
Executive Vice President
Pfingsten Publishing LLC

"Meier and Bauman present powerful material that any organization, executive team, or individual can put to practical use immediately."

-Robert Lowy
Executive Director of Human Resources
Stevens Health Care

"Meier and Bauman have crafted a modern-day parable that provides many useful messages for any type of organization in an industry or university setting. The story makes for an interesting read, and is chock-full of take-home messages for managers and other leaders."

-John Foltz
Professor of Agribusiness
Management and Associate Dean
University of Idaho


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